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Twelve Houses in Horoscope

Twelve Houses

Theentire life aspects and qualities of the person are recorded in the Twelve Houses of Horoscope.The houses are also known as'Bhavas' or'Sthanas'.From the point of view of the individual's birth, i.e. the exact location of the birth, and the exact time when the sky or Zondiac belt was perceived,is drawn out in the form of twelve houses.Each Zondiac occupies a particular house of the chart.The first house Governs the 30-Degree span of space where the Eastern horizon's.First House is also known as the 'Ascendant'or'Lagna'.It is the most important house of all.This house summarizes the inner personal traits of that person along with the general aspects of entire life.

Directly across from it or on the western horizon is the 7th house.From the first to the7th are the 2ndthrough 6th house.Directly over his head will be the 10th house.That is,straight up into space where the high noon Sun beams down on us is the10thhouse.Straight below his feet covering the span of space on the other side of the earth from him, is the 4th house.

So the first house of horoscope governs the Eastern horizon,the2ndhouse is just below the Eastern horizon,the 3rd house is deeply below the Eastern horizon.The4th house is directly underneath the child,the 5 th house is underneath him and behind a little bit.The 6thhouse is underneath him and quiet a bit behind him.The 7thhouse of horoscope is behind him covering the western or Sunset Horizon.The 8thhouse is just over his shoulder when he turns his head around and look behind himself. The 9thhouse is above the top back part of his head, the 10thhouse is straight over his head, the 11thhouse is what he sees when he looks upwards but not straight up.The 12th house is just slightly above the eastern horizon and this brings us back around to the first house,which governs the Eastern horizon.

In this way, the entire 360 degree circular span of space surrounding the child and the earth are divided into 12 equal 30 degree sections, each of which has a number from 1-12 and is known as a house.Studying the aspects of life governered by these houses from the core of Astrology.

Foe example,the 10th house of horoscope,i.e., the span of space directly overhead,governs power,position and our career to a large degree.Any planets in this span of space at the time of our birth greatly affect our career,power and status in life. In conclusion,the 12 houses are always present.At every moment the 12 houses are present surrounding you and your earth. this zone described with details in Astrology is casting its influence on us every minute of the day. Tabular description of houses explains different related aspacts of our life.

Tabular description of houses

First House/ascendant

(The House of Self)


The very First House of the horoscope(also known as lagna)
Happens to be the most important placement in the chart.It is
indicative ofan individual's life in general.Looking at the house
one can figure out the physical appearance of the person his
basic instincts,health, longevity, nature and basic vitality with
which the person will live his life. This houseis the most impor-
tant factor in analyzing about how one can live to its grandest.
In short,it defines the siginificant constituents ofbody and mind.
In a human body,the house governs Head and Face.

Second House

(House of Wealth)


This is the house governing wealth(Dhanasthan) and Family
(Kutumbsthan).A person's financial state can be well analysed
by studing this house.Our family and relations with our family
are also some aspects controlled by this potion.Other miner
aspects ruled by it are early stages of life, Servants and domestic
comforts.Physically,the house influence our throat and
eyesight.Speech is also one of the fifts of the second house.

Third House

(House of Courage)


The third house is all about being adventurous and risk taker.
Whether a man will stick to the mediocre routine life,or he/she
will explore new avenues of life and success,can be well
deducted from this house.This house rules courage, stamina,
intelligence,self-esteem and also younger siblings in a person's
life and his relationship with them.It also depicts writting skills,
aspects of jewellery and clothes,along with prospects of short
journeys.Physically,the house governs Arms,right ear and

Fourth House

(Comforts in Life)


This house as Matrusthan tells about our Mother,and our
relationship with her. As Sukhasthan, it denotes prosperity,
domestic surroundings and happiness in general.Our old age
,private and public affairs and inheritance can also be determined
from this house.In our body,this house defines our chests,
breasts,lungs and stomach.

Fifth House

(House of Education)


The fifth house define our prospects in education(Vidyasthan)
and children (Putrasthan).Other than that,It governs our intellect
and luck. It is also the house of spirituality and pleasures of the
world.In the human body,this bhava takes care of our heart,liver
and spleen.

Sixth House

(House of Challenges)


Sixth house tells the stories of our enemies,health and service
life.It indicates about our possibilities of indulging in litigations.
Our connections with uncles and aunts are also defined by it.
Debts,mental worries,accidents or thefts are also the speciality
of this house.Physically,the house influences kidney,intestine,
uterus,and anus.

Seventh House

(House of Union)

(Bhrya sthan/Marakasthan)

Seventh House is an important house defining our spouse and
conjugal happiness.It talks about how smooth or hard
relationships we will have in life.That includes our prospectes in
business partnerships as well.This house also tells us about the
honors and reputation we may gain in a foreign country.Seventh house rules
external sex organs.

Eighth House

(House of Obstacles)

(Mrityu sthan)

This house indicates diseases,Death and obstacles.It also
determines sources of illegal income,mental pain,the mode by
which we will die, and chances of imprisonment.This is the place
Scrotum,pelvis,seminal vesicles and external genitals are at understanding
of this particular house.

Nineth House

(House of Fortune)

(Bhagya sthan)

Wisdom,wealth,reputation and higher learning are all gifts of
this house.This houseprovides the person with for esightedness
and prosperity.How deep a person goes in religious and faith is
also well described here.This is an amportant house in order to
cultivate the best rewardes in life.

Tenth House

(House of Work)


This house defines Father,professional life and overall status we
achieve in our lifetime.Honor,power and authority are defined by
our occupation and other worldly activities.All these correlated
aspects are also analysed by judging this house.It tells about
the responsibilities we take up in this life,and fruits harvested by
it.In our body,the house governs knees,joints,bones,
back and hair.

Eleventh House

(House of Gains)


Eleventh House talks about one's income,monetary gains and
accumulated wealth.Honour and social success also succeeds
the above-mentioned qualities,hence these are also defined here.
Along with that,this house indicates about our love affairs,friends
and emotional attachments.Elder brothers and sisters,and our
relationship with themcan also be judged by studying this house.
In our body,the house rules legs,left ear,teeth and ankles.

Twelfth House

(House of Expenditures)


Private enemies,charity,pleasures of bed,sorrows,expenditures,
losses and debts are defined by the Twelfth House in our
horoscope.Although it is the house of expidture,its not
necessary to be in terms of loss,the money can also be soent in
form of charity,gifts and investment.it is the last house of our
horoscope,hence is also known to tell us about reincarnation and
nivana.Travels and difficult work are also defined over here.In a
human body,house rules feet and left eye.

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